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  • Are you retiring or going onto Medicare and your spouse needs insurance since not of age?


  • Have you wanted to change a job or start a business, but felt trapped because you couldn’t leave your employer because insurance was required for your family?


  • Do your children and/or their families need health insurance because it hasn’t been accessible to them?


  • Did anybody just get married, divorced, have a baby or other special events in their life and they are not happy with the insurance they have or didn’t have any? 


  • Have you recently lost a job with insurance and want to compare potential COBRA insurance with Individual insurance or ACA Marketplace insurance (Obamacare)? 


  • Did you or a member of your family apply for Medicaid and have been turned-down, no response, and now you are not sure what to do now? 


  • Dental and Vision insurance needed?


  • Are you the owner or manager of a business and trying to determine if it’s best to offer insurance to your employees vs. would they be better off potentially having access to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace insurance for them and their families?  Or other options that are now available? Employees are important.  Let’s look at best options for them.


  • Is there a situation where a short-term/transitional policy from one month to twelve months or more may be a fit due to school, change of jobs, or don’t qualify for ACA insurance, etc.?


  • Are you looking for solutions where there is a high deductible with your insurance and you’d like to be able to have that deductible covered if you need to go the hospital?


  • Did you not get insured and are wondering what the penalty is going to cost you on 2014’s taxes due April 2015?  And what needs to be done to possibly get an exemption or even better, possibly obtain reasonable insurance if feasible?

These and many more options we can discuss with you to determine what would be the best option for you.  

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TOP 10 REASONS to use Utah Insurance Brokers:

1st – We are NOT employees of any insurance company, so we are not beholden to pushing you towards any particular policy.

2nd – We are independent allowing us to work with you directly, determining what is best for you and your family, NOT the insurance company that may be called directly. (Obviously, they’ll want to sell their insurance to you, not their competitor’s insurance).
3rd – In a few minutes, we can quickly scan all of the policies available and your eligibility for the policies BEFORE any information is given to the government, insurance company or filling-out any applications.  All of this can be done before so that the right choice can be made upfront. Only then, if it makes sense, we apply for the health policy.  You’re not overwhelmed by an average of 91 health policies to choose from not really knowing what is in each one and having to guess and gamble. We go over the options and help you review them from ALL companies.  We quickly can look at the Penalty for not having insurance if any.
4th – In many cases, if you choose the least expensive policy, you’ll leave thousands of dollars on the table because for many people, there is a second subsidy that is available only on certain plans.  Don’t cost yourself $1000’s of dollars because of not knowing.  We’ll guide to the right policy and show the various options for price and deductibles, etc.
5th – In some cases, it is more cost effective to take a less-expensive higher deductible plan, then cover the deductible with cash plan insurance.  For others, it’s best to have the higher cost, most coverage policy due to life circumstances.  If you get a policy that doesn’t cover certain items or certain medical doctors, hospitals and teams and you need them, it will be too late.  You’ll have to wait until open enrollment or special election period. 
6th – We check your doctors, facilities, preferences upfront front and combine that with the policies, potential subsidies so that you are comfortable that due diligence has been done for the best options.  Hospital and doctor networks vary substantially among the 91 plus policies typically available to a person. 
7th - If anybody just became or is planning to be married, divorced, have a baby or other special events in their life, then it is important to discuss options even if insurance is currently existing.  You have the opportunity to change it at this time only within a certain period of time before and after the event before being locked-out until Open Enrollment. 
8th – Dental, Vision and other options that many times aren’t covered we represent the major companies and can review what is best for you. 
9th – If you own a business and want to look at options that are best for your company, we represent all major group programs.  Plus we can determine if it makes more sense to go with group insurance or have the employees be independent using various programs that potentially can be tax advantage to you.  National programs in many cases are available so that group rates can be less because you are combining with many people in a similar industry and similar credentials.
10th – You’re dealing with a person one-on-one who is your representative.  Rather than getting a call center where you don’t have any relationship to anybody there and you’re just considered just another number, instead you get to meet, in person, who you’ll be dealing with; will have phone numbers; and if questions can reach the representative directly.  And you avoid the do-it-yourself trap and pitfalls of many online companies, most of whom want your personal information upfront and then won’t stop calling you.  Many don’t even have a local presence or office. Again, with Utah Insurance Brokers, we value your privacy and your requests. 
We are federally licensed and certified; state licensed certified; Avenue H certified and setup with all of the major insurance companies allowing us to be totally independent.  There are no hidden obligations, prejudices and company driven goals.  We aren’t employees being expected to push a company product that may NOT be the best for you and your family (because we’d lose our job and income if we don’t, or because the others aren’t available to be sold).  You come first with all options available.  That is important.  This gives full choice. 
With many years of experience and having started especially with all of the Healthcare Changes that came into effect in 2013, we’re experienced knowing how to process through the bureaucratic ACA system.  Rather than dealing with inexperienced persons, navigators and others who are not licensed and don’t understand the full spectrum, you’ll be dealing with full agents, qualified and licensed as brokers.  This is protection for you.  We also can take care of almost all of your insurance needs so you only have to call one person, one place. 
Call us now for more information.  There is no charge to consult with you.  We’ll come to your home; work with you over the phone/online; join us at the office or other means that are comfortable for you.  
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