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Retirement Planning

The single biggest fear among retirees, even more than dying, is outliving their money.  This is why retirement planning with guarantees is so important.  While guarantees are important, so is having a plan that is as tax favorable as possible while also protecting against certain situations like nursing home confinement and Long Term Care needs. 


Our entire life we are concentrating on accumulation.  We have advisors that teach us about growing our nest egg with things like dollar cost averaging and being long the market because we have time on our side.  These advisors are experts at accumulation, but usually that are not well-versed in de-cumulation.


As we approach retirement, we realize that a big market correction at the wrong time could really prolong the start of our retirement or even prevent it.  We start realizing that we have no idea how to actually spend down our money safely.  This is why we need a retirement planning expert.  Ideally, we would begin consulting with a retirement planning expert when we are about 10 years away from retirement.  These experts can gauge our risk appetite, provide products with important benefits and most importantly solve the biggest fear among retirees: running out of money.


We offer a number of different services to help you map out a stress free retirement. We will work to help you make educated decisions on how to best maximize your income and assets, limit taxes, and ensure that you pass on the maximum to your heirs.  Our job is to understand your unique needs so that we can formulate a plan that works most efficiently for you. Whatever your situation, we’ll help you make the right decisions to achieve your goals.  We can show you:


-how to protect your assets from market volatility

-how to set up a tax free income stream

-how to guarantee you don’t outlive your money

-guaranteed income options

-how to maximize the legacy you pass to your heirs


If your retirement plan does not address all of these concerns, please allow us to demonstrate how these strategies can help you meet and exceed all of your financial and retirement goals.  Reviewing your current plan will give you the peace of mind that all of your current and future needs are being met.  Please contact us at your convenience for a complimentary consultation.


We will continue to bring you the most up to date information and strategies on our website.  Check back often to make certain that you are fulfilling all of your retirement and financial goals.

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